Meet the Characters

Alden Rockwell
(Tom Wopat)

Alden is a rough-and-tumble Marine Vet and now retired sheriff of Maksville County, having lost his bid for re-election. Alden presents a hard exterior but deep down has a heart of gold. A recent widower, he worries about his only daughter, Ember, who is following in his footsteps in the military, and about to deploy. When his war buddy and best friend Clint gets too close to the truth in an investigation, it’s up to Alden to venture outside his authority and jurisdiction to solve the case.

Clint Thorne
(Jeff Fahey)

Unlike Alden, Clint has won his latest bid for re-election, and he continues as Sheriff of neighboring York County. He and Alden grew up together, are old war buddies and best friends. Clint is charming and tough, respected in his community, and by all counts a modern day rendition of an Old West lawman. He’s passionate about two things in life: his wife Jordan and dirt track racing.

Maddie Hall
(Patricia Richardson)

Maddie owns the County Line Diner. Compassionate, she’s apt to take in strays—animals or people. She’s a good listener, and knows how to handle all types of people. Though kind-hearted, she’s no pushover. She’s not intimidated by anyone. She has a sweet spot for Alden.



Jordan Thorne
(Dendrie Taylor)

Jordan is Clint’s wife. She’s tough as nails, opinionated and not afraid to express her thoughts to anyone at any time. A fiery woman, she never backs down from a fight, and will go to any length to defend her family. She loves Clint with all her heart, and has always feared for his life on the job and at the track. She is no fan of Alden Rockwell, but tolerates him because of his close bond with Clint.




Ember Rockwell
(Abbi Butler)

Ember is Alden’s daughter, and it’s clear they’re cut from the same cloth. In fact, she has followed in his footsteps, joining the military, and about to deploy. Though she can take down a male assailant and shoot with dead aim, she is also blessed with her mother’s sweetness and ability to smooth over uncomfortable situations.






Sheriff Preston
(Grant Goodeve)

Preston served under Alden as head deputy. Over the years, Alden mentored the up-and-coming Preston, and Preston learned well—so well, that he ran against Alden for Sheriff of Maksville County and won. He’s intense, focused and politically savvy.



Deputy Sloan
(R. Keith Harris)

Sloan looks more like he should be sitting at a computer than out on the beat carrying a gun. As Clint’s Deputy, he’s paid less, and is always in second place, always subordinate to Clint’s command. When Clint ends up in the hospital, Sloan becomes “acting” Sheriff, and gets the sweet taste of power.







(Danny Vinson)

Skooter  is a real southern, country kind of guy. He owns the Skoot It Or Lose It tow truck company, and he’s got an ear for dirt, gossip, rumors, and confidential information. Because he’s in on the pulse of the county, Clint relies on him to keep up with any shady operations. Skooter is good friends with Clint and also helps out at the track as his race car mechanic. When Alden investigates the attempt on Clint’s life, Skooter steps up, putting his own life at risk, to help solve the case.





(Patrick Johnson)

Nat is a boy, still innocent, but flirting with a life of crime, dabbling in graffiti and associating with a rough crowd. He is at a vulnerable point in life. Depending on who influences him, he could end up on one of two paths: one of conscience, respect and moral values or one of violence, corruption and crime. Alden takes him under his wing.




Sly Prattler
(Davis Osborne)

Sly lives up to his name, as he slinks more than he walks. He likes to stir up trouble, spreading gossip and launching accusations to anyone who will listen.




Crank Prattler (Brian Durkin)

Crank is the oldest, smartest and most dangerous of the criminal Prattler brothers. He is always in the shadows and always ready to strike.








Tubs Prattler
(Michael Ruff)

Tubs boasts about his criminal associations, wearing his misdeeds like a badge of honor. He’s not as tough as he would think, but is dumb enough to get himself into dangerous situations—situations he can’t handle without the help of his other brothers.