Some Lines Must Be Crossed

With their counties being overrun by corruption and murder, two men must take a stand for justice in this tense Southern thriller. When his best friend, Sheriff Clint Thorne (Jeff Fahey, Texas Rising, Justified), is brutally gunned down, former sheriff and fellow marine, Alden Rockwell (Tom Wopat, The Dukes Of Hazzard, Longmire) is left with many questions and no clear shooter. After the investigation stalls and Alden’s replacement, Sheriff Preston (Grant Goodeve, Eight is Enough, Dynasty) stops answering questions, Alden must take matters into his own hands to seek justice for his friend. With no backup, no badge, few clues and a local diner owner as his only ally (Patricia Richardson, Home Improvement, The West Wing), Alden starts digging – soon uncovering a web of crime spreading throughout two counties. Faced with a dangerous and growing underworld network operating in the shadows of his town, Alden throws out all the rules to expose it. But the deeper he investigates, the more his loved ones become targets in a deadly game. As the truth comes to light, Alden must decide to cross the line for justice or be forced to surrender his county to the criminal forces lurking just below the surface.


This project was completed with assistance from the Georgia Film, Music & Digital Entertainment Office, a division of the Georgia Department of Economic Development.